Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can You Become A Dental Assistant And Then Go For Dentist?

It is definitely possible to become a dental assistant first and then become dentist. However, you will need to get the dentist degree in order to do that. In other words, having experience as a dental assistant will not help in becoming a dentist, in the absence of the relevant degree.

The experience gained as a dental assistant is of course useful. Assistants act like a dentist 'right hand', so the expertise built in this way serves you well in your future work as a dentist.

What Are The Education Requirements To Become A Dentist?

In order to become a dentist (in United States), you need to attend a dental school for 4 years in order to get the professional degree. Depending on the school, the degree is called Doctor of Dental Surgery, i.e. DDS or Doctor of Dental Medicine, i.e. DMD.

If you have already attended a dental program, then you can go for an AP, i.e. Advanced Placement Program, which allows you to get into the dental school after one year.

In order to enroll for the dental school, you need to have a Bachelor's degree first. The prerequisite courses include in general: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy, Calculus, Physiology. You need to check with the specific school you need to apply to, though. More general information on applying to dental schools in U.S. can be found at www.ada.org.

Other Future Career Choices For Dental Assistants

As you see, becoming a dentist can be quite challenging and it isn't for everyone. If this is really your goal, then by all means go for it! Otherwise, you need to be aware of your other options to progress your career further from dental assistant.

One of them is to become a specialized dental assistant. This requires additional education, but it also gives you access to better paid jobs.

Another option is to become a dental hygienist. This is quite a different job vs. dental assistant, so it depends on your personal preference if you enjoy it or not. 


Jess Toons said...

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Guy Miflin said...

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