Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Much Do Dental Hygienists Make?

This profession can be pretty lucrative, as a dental hygienist hourly rate ranges between $17.47 and $41.09 as per It is true that no additional benefits such as insurance are included. However,  it is still a good pay that can ensure a comfortable living.

What Kind Of Hours Does A Dental Hygienist Work?

When you think about the earnings in a profession, you need to consider also what is the kind of work that you need to put in. As a dental hygienist you will work around 40 hours per week. The medical offices hours are the normal 9-5, including Saturdays. To note, a dental hygienist can work with several dentists, so you can work out some flexible arrangements if you need to.

How Much A Dental Hygienist Make in Texas?

Location is indeed a factor that impacts the earnings levels. However, you may notice that at the U.S. national level the spread between the low and high ends of the salary range is quite high, i.e. $41.09 vs. $17.47. So you can consider this range for any state, be it Texas, California or any other. There are too many other factors that impact the actual salary, so that it is not very possible to realistically find meaningful differences among the different states.

If you are not willing to invest time and energy in the education needed to become a dental hygienist, you may consider other careers, such a s for example (certified) dental assistant or (certified) orthodontic assistant.

Orthodontic Assistant Salary

According to, the orthodontic salary range is $10.72 - $20.62. per hour. In addition you may earn ca. $2,000 - $5,000 in bonus and profit sharing. 

Although not very high, this pay is decent. Moreover, you need to consider the fact that medium-long term, your earning potential is really up to you. If you are committed and willing to invest in your education and work hard, you can progress your career and earn significantly more.

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