Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Find Good Dental Assistant Schools

There are quite a few options of dental assistant schools, so you will find for sure something that suits you best. For starters, you can make a little research and explore what are the local dental assistant trade schools and the community colleges that offer dental assistant training.

Should I Choose A Dental Assistant Trade School or Community College Classes?

Various people will have different opinions on this matter, so in the end you need to apply your own judgement. There are many voices supporting the view that community colleges have better professors and better equipment. Moreover, they are also usually cheaper. However, this doesn't mean that there are not very good training schools out there. Do your research and try to find testimonials from people who studied there.

Dental Assistant Schools In Colorado

As an example, here are a few options you may consider if you are looking for dental assistant schools in Colorado.
  • Colorado School Of Dental Assisting. This is a division of the National School Of Dental Assisting, offering a 12 weeks program. You get to learn in small class dies, from experienced instructors and with state-of-the-art equipment. There is also financial assistance available
  • American School Of Dental Assisting. This is advertised as being the only Colorado/Wyoming area school that offers a combination of online and direct dental assisting education. The course is lasts for 11 Saturdays and upon completion, each student receives a CPR, Dental Radiography and Dental Assisting Certificate.
  • DATA, i.e. Dental assistant Training Academy offers a 10 weeks long program, scheduled conveniently in weekends. The courses take place in detal offices and students have the opportunenity to work alongside a practicing dentist. The equipment is very movers, as well.
  • ADAC, i.e. Academy For Dental Assisting Careers is another option, offering a course that is only 8 Saturdays long.


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