Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Transition From Dental Assistant To Dental Hygienist

If you would like to get from dental assistant to dental hygienist, you will need to get the additional education required. The duration of the courses to be taken varies, but in principle you need about two years to get the degree.

Working as a dental assistant before definitely helps. Moreover, while studying to become an assistant, you already had some hygiene course.

This being said, the two jobs are completely different and you will need to get your dental hygienist degree. No shortcuts for that.

Is Being A Dental Hygienist Better Than Being A Dental Assistant?

A dental hygienist can potentially earn more, although this depends on the location and on the type of dental assistant we include in the comparison. You need to also take into consideration that although the salary of a hygienist can be up to two times higher than the one of an assistant, the compensation package of a hygienist does not include other benefits such as insurance, vacation and so on. Make sure you take a broader view, in order to develop a good understanding.

The job content is quite different, so it depends on what is important for you. If you like more variety in your daily duties, then the dental assistant route is better suited to you. If you like the job content of a hygienist, then go for it.

In case the driver for change is a better income, you may explore also the option of a different type of dental assistant, that is better paid. You may need additional education as well, in the case of specialized dental assistants jobs. However, many people believe that it is totally worth it. Just make your own assessment, based on the criteria that is important for you.

Can A Dental Hygienist Work As A Dental Assistant?

It depends on the dental assistant level we refer to. There are two levels of the position. For the first level the dentist can train the assistant, so you can. However, for the second level you need to be a certified dental assistant to perform the job.

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