Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is Dental Assistant A Good Career?

A lot of people ask themselves 'is dental assistant a good career choice?' In these times of economic uncertainty, the medical and dental field jobs are shining better than ever. People will always need health care services, especially given the aging trend in the population. So in terms of job security, this kind of job is one of the best bets you can make. 

If you consider the financial part, the dental assistant wage is decent. However, even if the starting salary is not exceptionally high, there are certainly many opportunities of career growth, which is another advantage of the position. You can basically become an assistant very quickly, in around six months and this is for the certified position. 

Is It Possible To Become Dental Assistant With No Experience?

If you are interested in a level one dental assistant job, then you don't even need certification and you can start right away. The dentist will provide the training you need. Although some dentists actually prefer this approach, a lot of other want an assistant that is already trained. So it can be a little more difficult to find a job if you are not certified and have no experience, but it is certainly possible.

How Can I Get A Dental Assistant Certificate?

Although being certified is not compulsory, taking the time to attend the training and becoming certified will enable you to earn more. There are a number of certificates you can go for, but it is recommended to take the one given by DANB, i.e. Dental Assisting National Board. This is recognized in over 30 states, which is great if you need to change your location at some point. Each state has its own regulations and not all certificates are valid in all states, which can be a big headache.


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