Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is A Dental X-Ray Certificate Useful?

In order to be able to take x-rays, you need to get a x-ray certificate. You should know that different states have different regulations. a good idea is to contact a few community colleges in your area and get the details.

Being x-ray certified is totally worth it. If you think about it, a dentist would prefer having an assistant that can also take x-rays, right? So a lot of the hiring ads for dental assistants also include this requirement. Not to mention that this helps get a better salary, as well.

The typical curriculum of a dental radiology program includes: 
  • remulations on radiation use, 
  • radiation protection
  • principles of digital radiography
  • overview of the x-ray machine
  • infection control
  • film processing techniques
  • biological effects of radiation

As career options, you can put your skills to good use in dentist offices, physician offices, outpatient care centers, as well as in general medical hospitals.

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