Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oral Surgery Assistant Salary

What Does An Oral Surgery Assistant Do?

The oral surgery assistant job description can be summarized as preparing the patient and all surgery areas for operation. This includes of course many tasks, such as:
  • record the vital signs of the patients, eg. respiration rate, blood pressure, etc.
  • assist surgeons with anesthesia
  • sterilize instruments
  • provide the surgical instruments to the surgeon
  • prepare surgical dressings
  • manipulate patient's mouth/cheeks, to ensure the surgeon has good visibility
  • keep the patient's mouth clear

How Much Does An Oral Surgery Assistant Make?

According to, an oral surgery assistant makes $10.07 to $21.28 per hour. If you also add the bonus, you get to a total annual pay ranging from $20.946 to $49,694.

Oral Surgery Assistants Education

Dentists usually search for dental surgery assistants that have either a two-year associate degree in dental assisting or a one-year certificate. On top, experience is required in most cases.

If you are interested, you can find educational programs at the technical schools or community colleges in your area. You will also go usually for an externship at the end, to experience the work in real conditions.

Dental Surgery Assistants Career Perspectives

The employment of dental assistants in general, and also of oral surgery assistants in particular is on the rise. Moreover it is projected to continue this trend in the future. This is really a recession-proof career, as people will always need to take care of their health, irrespective of the economic environment.

If job security is important for you, then really consider a career in the medical/dental field. You can start from an assistant level and then climb up the ladder, while you build your experience and get go for further education. There are excellent growth perspectives if you have the right commitment and work ethic.

Examples of other dental field careers: dental assistant, dental technician, dental hygienist, forensic odontologist, cosmetic dentist.


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