Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Do You Learn At Dental Assistant Colleges?

In order to become a certified dental assistant, you need to get the proper education. In a dental college you can expect to learn how to perform the most common duties that are part of the dental assistant job description. More specifically, you will learn to mix the impression material, how to take a x-ray, how the filling material mixing is being done, what instruments to hand to the dentist and so on.

Realistically, you can't learn absolutely everything you need to know in order to perform the job. This is because each location and dentist have a certain way of doing things. Therefore, you will still need to get training from the dentist. Moreover, some dentists prefer to hire someone fresh, so that they can teach them what to do exactly as they want. However, you can only be hired as a level 1 dental assistant if you are not certified. It is important to know though that it is possible to become a dental assistant even without college.

In order to earn more, you should consider becoming a specialized dental assistant. This of course implies a longer education period that can take up to two years.

Alternatively, you can become a dental hygienist and earn significantly more that a dental assistant. However, the education period is also longer, i.e. around two years. And hygienists don't have insurance, vacation and other benefits.

If you put the dental career you consider into perspective, there are really a lot of options. You need to set your priorities: are you ok with the lowest career level, do you want to build a career in the field, do you need to earn more quickly, can you go for a longer term education? These are all important to shape your final decision: you can go to college or not, you can become a specialized assistant or a dental hygienist. Ultimately, you can also consider alternative careers in the medical field.

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carol leatherwood said...

Dental hygienists DO have insurance, paid vacations and retirement benefits. Some of us also have bonus programs and profit sharing.

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