Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Does A Dental Assistant Make Per Hour?

When you consider a career, one of points of interest is of course the salary. In the case of dental assistant, the pay can vary depending on a number of factors. However, in order to have an idea, the level is somewhere around $9 - $19/hour.

Dental Assistant Starting Salary

The starting salary of dental assistants is at the lower level of the pay range mentioned, i.e. around $9 - $10/hour. There can be some slight variations depending if you are certified or not and also on location.

How To Increase Your Dental Assistant Salary

Among the factors that influence your pay level, we can mention certification(s) - are you a certified dental assistant? Do you have additional certifications, such as for example for taking x-rays? Experience also matters a lot, as well as the state in which you live in and the specific work location.

Dental Assistant Salary In CA

As mentioned, the pay varies by state and for example, the dental assistant salary in California ranges from $9.06 to $17.54 as per 

Then, there can be additional variations even inside the same state. For example, the dental assistant salary in Los Angeles will be higher than the one is a smaller metropolitan area.

Dental Assistant Salary in Florida

In Florida, the dental assistant salary ranges from $9.93 to $19.11 per hour, according to You can see that is pretty similar to California. Actually in all the states the levels are around these figures. So there is a lot of room to grow your dental assistant salary from the starting level. 

Dental Assistant Salary In Illinois

In Illinois, a dental assistant makes $9.87 - $19.60 per hour according to

New York Dental Assistant Salary

And as a final example, the dental assistant salary in New York ranges from $10.05 - $20.45 per hour. As expected, the level is higher than in the rest of U.S., but still, it does not deviate dramatically.


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